How Many Times Can You Reglaze a Tub?

A reglazed bathtub that has worn out, stained, or scratched can always be reglazed again. In fact, you can have your old tub reglazed multiple times to extend its life and to make it look brand new. Reglazing is an effective technique that will allow you to have an updated bathroom at a cheaper cost. However, there are a few instances when replacing your tub is more practical and convenient than reglazing it.

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Factors to Consider in Reglazing:


If you own an expensive, antique, or high-quality tub, then reglazing is a great option to revive your tub and give it a new life. Antique or old tubs that have served your family for generations hold a sentimental value and expanding its life would be worth every amount you spend. However, if you’re planning to reglaze a newer tub, especially a cheaper one, then you might want to reconsider your options. It would be practical to calculate all the costs prior to making the decision. If reglazing would require you to spend more money than actually buying and installing a brand new tub, then reglazing won’t be the best option for you.

Severe Damage

If your tub is worn out, stained, or cracked, then reglazing it can cover the imperfections to make it look smooth and shiny again. However, it still has to be in good shape for reglazing to be possible and effective. If your tub already has leaks or any irreparable damage, then it may take more than just reglazing to have it in working condition. Installing a new tub would be a practical solution if fixing and maintaining the old one will require more time and expenses.


If you want to have a fresh start and would prefer a tub that will last for a longer time, then reglazing may not be the best option for you. Although reglazing can extend the life of your tub for around 15 years, it does not guarantee a long-term solution. The shelf life of your bathtub is shortened every time you use it and the older the tub, the faster it wears out. A brand new tub offers a longer shelf life which is a better option, especially if you’re not always traveling or if you will be using your tub very often. A reglazed tub is also more prone to chipping, cracking, and discoloration compared to a brand new bathtub.


Reglazed tubs need regular maintenance which may not work for people with busy schedules. It requires waxing every 3 months and frequent cleaning using non-abrasive liquid soap. The coating is prone to erosion and moisture damage which means that you have to ensure that any leaks in your faucet or pipe are repaired immediately to avoid further damage to your coating.


Reglazing your bathtub may not work, especially if you’re planning for a complete bathroom makeover. In these cases, it is common for the designs and placements to be changed. If the new bathroom design requires a precise tub size or shape, then getting a new bathtub that would fit the requirement would be the best option.