Tile refinishing has become increasingly popular over the past few years because of its versatility, affordability, and minimal labor requirements. Tiling the floor in your home can add both beauty and value to your home. However, if you are thinking about refinishing your tiled floors, there are a few important questions that need to be answered.

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What are some of the benefits of tile refinishing? Is there anything I should know about this service before doing it? What does it cost?

My wife and I have just finished refinishing our tile flooring. I can tell you this; I would not do it again. We were so frustrated, I think we did this project twice. Our contractor told us he only got paid when the job was done. So if you are thinking about doing this yourself, let me give you an idea of what you will be dealing with.

There are three main areas to deal with. First, you need to clean the tile, get rid of all the dirt, and sand down the scratches. This usually involves using a lot of water and an abrasive pad. The second area is where you will apply the finish. This is where you need to choose between two products. Either a penetrating sealer or a non-penetrating sealer. After this step, you will sand the whole surface.

Once it is sanded you will need to buff it back to a high gloss. I am not a fan of this step as it can be very time consuming. It will be necessary to use a wet rag to remove the excess dust. If you have any scratches in this step, then you are looking at removing them with a sharp knife or razor blade. In addition, you will have to buff the surface back to its original shine. The third and final step is to do the grout repair. This is where you will use a liquid grout to fill in the cracks in the grout. You will also use a powder grout to fill in the crevices. If your tiles are in good shape and you don’t have any grouting issues then you can save yourself some trouble by hiring a professional tile contractor.