What is a Good Ceramic Tile Floor Polish? 

Ceramic tile is an ideal surface for your home because it is incredibly durable and resistant to dirt, sand, and other forms of damage. But like any kind of flooring, they do need to be cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. 

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A good ceramic tile cleaner should be nonabrasive and contain no chemicals that could discolor or harm the tiles or grout. There are a number of different cleaning products available, so make sure to read the labels and follow the directions on the package before using it. 

Vinegar – A Great Ceramic Tile Cleaner 

Mix equal parts of white vinegar with warm water to create an effective, all-purpose tile-cleaning solution. Use this mixture regularly to keep your floors sparkling clean and smelling fresh. If your ceramic floors are particularly soiled, increase the ratio to one cup of vinegar for every gallon of water. 

Sweep or vacuum your tiles often, to remove loose debris and prevent sand from dulling the glazed surface. This will keep your ceramic tiles looking their best and help them last longer. 

Apply Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Floor Polish – If you have stone or porcelain tile, Bona offers a floor polish that gives your tiles a beautiful shine and protects them from scratches. The polish will also seal the surface and provide a barrier against water, dirt, and spills. 

You can apply Bona polish to your ceramic tiles by using a microfiber applicator pad that is separate from what you use for the floor. Be gentle and apply the polish only as much as is necessary to achieve a polished look. Avoid applying too much, as it can cause streaking. 

If you need to do some heavy-duty cleaning, you can use an electric floor buffer to buff your floors. These are very handy and easy to use, and they can do a thorough job of buffing and cleaning your floors quickly. 

Another great way to keep your ceramic tile floor looking shiny and new is to polish it periodically. This will not only add a beautiful shine, but will also help your tile last longer by filling in any microscopic scratches. 

It is a good idea to polish your tile floor every 2-4 months or longer depending on how frequently you walk on it. A professional cleaning contractor will be able to determine how often your floors need to be polished, and they will also know what products are the most appropriate for your specific floor type. 

Grout Haze – A Cloudy Tile Floor After Grouting – If you’ve recently installed fresh grout, your ceramic tiles may have a hazy appearance after the grout is dried. This can be easily fixed by cleaning your tile and grout thoroughly with a nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner or a baking soda paste, then dry the tile floor thoroughly before putting furniture back on it. 

Be careful to never allow water to stand on your tiles for long periods of time, as this can leave a film of residue behind and damage the grout over time. It’s also important to dry your glazed tiles immediately after washing them, to prevent water spots from developing on the underlying surface.