What is the cheapest way to refinish countertops?

Aged, damaged countertops offer nothing but belittle the beauty and value of your home. But that shouldn’t discourage you from seeking an improvement. Seeking a cheap and simple way to refinish your countertops should be your goal.

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Bath and kitchen countertops are among the trouble-free sections of the room to refinish or cover. The cost is low and a pro installer or painter is unnecessary. Often, all a bath or kitchen requires is an up to speed countertop to look as good as new again.

Even if your old-fashion bath or kitchen is stained, cracked linoleum, or cracked tiles, it can be far cheaper and easier than you might have thought to do a refinish of your countertops. What is the cheapest way to refinish countertops? Check out these cheapest ways.

Painting Countertops

Well, this is of course the cheapest method to breathe a new life into your old countertops. This is suitable for both linoleum and wood countertops. It is very cheap because you can do the job one-handedly. After sanding, you need to prime then do the painting, very simple!

You have the choice to use a sander pad or even by your hand. When looking for sandpaper to use, don’t go for the one with a rough grit, go for the one with fine grit. And to get rid of the brush marks on the countertops’ surfaces, apply spray paint and sealer.

There are tons of countertop paints to choose from in the market, but not unless you’d want a customized finish, any gloss or semi-gloss paint should deliver incredible work.

Covering Countertops

This is also another simple and cheap way to refinish your countertops. Materials like fabric, metal, and wood veneer can be used to cover the countertops to give them extra-ordinary look. For instance, you can rework your laundry room countertop using cheap wood and fabric to leave it to look stunning.

You can also lay tiles on the already structured countertops to make them stand out from the crowd. You have countless materials and options to select from.

Painting Tile Countertops

It is obvious that painting tile is arduous work and a successful ending is a hassle to achieve or to some point not possible without the involvement of a tough preparation task. However, if you have some extra bucks to shell out, then you can opt for this way.

Better still, you can refinish your countertops in the decals. This way is cheap and will stand the test of time, plus it comes with a variety of choices. Aside from covering your old-fashion tile, this option will add flair to your outdated tile.


As we’ve seen above, there is no one-size fit all option when it comes to refashioning your countertops. There are endless ideas to make your countertop look attractive and magnificent. However, before deciding on the option to settle for, ask yourself these simple questions: If you’re doing a kitchen refinish, can it hold out against heat? Will it work seamlessly with day-to-day activities? Does it stand the test of time? If the answers are positive, don’t hesitate to do it.