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Countertops play a vital role in the aesthetics and functionality of any kitchen or bathroom. Over time, they can become worn, chipped, or outdated, leaving homeowners wondering whether to refinish or replace them. This article will explore the cost difference between countertop refinishing and countertop replacement, focusing on the services offered by JLF Tub & Tile Reglazing, a company based in Simi Valley, California. 

Refinishing Countertops 

Countertop refinishing, also known as countertop reglazing or resurfacing, is a cost-effective way to transform the look of your existing countertops without the hefty price tag of a complete replacement. JLF Tub & Tile Reglazing specializes in this service and can restore your countertops to their former glory. The cost of refinishing countertops depends on several factors: 

Material: The type of material your countertops are made of can significantly influence the cost of refinishing. Common materials include laminate, solid surface, granite, and marble. Laminate countertops are usually the most affordable to refinish, while granite and marble may be costlier due to their higher-end finishes. 

Condition: The current condition of your countertops plays a vital role in determining the cost of refinishing. Countertops with minor damage, such as scratches or surface stains, will be less expensive to refinish compared to those with extensive cracks or chipping. 

Size and Complexity: The size and layout of your countertop area can affect the overall cost. Larger countertops or ones with intricate designs may require more time and materials, thus increasing the price. 

Color and Finish: If you want to change the color and finish of your countertops, it may add to the cost. JLF Tub & Tile Reglazing offers a range of color options and finishes to choose from. 

Additional Services: Some countertops may require additional work, such as repairing chips or fixing uneven surfaces. These extra services can also impact the cost of refinishing. 

JLF Tub & Tile Reglazing provides a free quote for countertop refinishing, and you can contact them through their website or phone number for an estimate. Typically, countertop refinishing costs can range from $300 to $600 per linear foot, depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s a fraction of the cost of replacing your countertops entirely. 

Replacing Countertops 

Countertop replacement is a more comprehensive and costly option compared to refinishing. When you choose to replace your countertops, you’re essentially starting from scratch, which means removing the old countertops and installing new ones. The cost of replacing countertops varies significantly, and several factors influence the final price: 

Material: Just like with refinishing, the type of material you choose for your new countertops significantly impacts the cost. For instance, laminate is typically more affordable, while natural stone like granite or marble tends to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. 

Labor: The cost of labor for countertop replacement can be substantial. It includes removing the old countertops, preparing the surface, and installing the new ones. Labor costs may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the region in which you live. 

Customization: Custom countertops, which are designed to fit your specific space and requirements, come with an additional price tag. Standard, prefabricated countertops are usually more affordable. 

Additional Costs: Be prepared for additional expenses such as plumbing and electrical work, backsplash installation, and the removal and disposal of the old countertops. 

Time and Inconvenience: Replacing countertops is a more time-consuming process compared to refinishing. It can take several days to complete, which means you’ll have limited access to your kitchen or bathroom during this time. 

On average, the cost of replacing countertops can range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more per linear foot, depending on the factors mentioned above. High-end materials and complex installations can drive the cost even higher. 


In conclusion, the cost difference between countertop refinishing and countertop replacement is substantial, making refinishing an attractive option for those looking to update their countertops without breaking the bank. JLF Tub & Tile Reglazing, located in Simi Valley, California, provides professional countertop refinishing services that can give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

When considering your options, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each method, taking into account your budget, the current condition of your countertops, and your design preferences. For minor surface issues and a desire to update the appearance of your countertops, refinishing is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. On the other hand, if your countertops are severely damaged or you’re seeking a complete design overhaul, replacement may be the better choice. 

JLF Tub & Tile Reglazing offers free estimates, so you can get a clear picture of the cost of refinishing your countertops. Their professional team can help you make an informed decision about the best course of action for your kitchen or bathroom, ultimately ensuring you get the most value for your money. Whether you choose to refinish or replace your countertops, one thing is certain: a beautiful and functional kitchen or bathroom awaits you.