About Us

At JLF Reglazing we are in the business of offering you top-quality bathtub and tile refinishing that will save you money and revitalize your bathroom to a like-new condition. We operate with integrity when servicing your home and have been in the reglazing business for many years with successful results. Our team is knowledgeable and professional in our application of advanced refinishing methods to ensure you receive the highest industry standard.

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Our Story

When we started out, there was a hole in the market for reglazing surfaces that had been worn over time. Often, people would just simply purchase a new tub when it got worn and this costs a lot of money for the tub itself and the installation process. When we started JLF Reglazing, there was a specific vision in mind and that was to give all our customers an affordable option to revitalize various surfaces like tubs and tiles without you needing to replace them entirely.

We also wanted to be proficient in various repairs so that customers could effectively restore their bathtub to working order and be more comfortable for years to come. Our process has been the best on the market since day one, and we haven’t changed our commitment to excellence!

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What Makes Us So Unique?

We implement the application of a highly durable multi-layered catalyzed finish that gives a professional job to any bathtub no matter how terrible it looked before. One of the aspects of JLF Reglazing is that we are dedicated to a higher quality standard that uses the latest and most effective techniques in the industry to ensure each job is conducted with continuity and professionalism.

We don’t just go into the job blindly like some companies. Instead, our team is highly prepared and equipped to handle even the most worn tubs with the greatest efficiency. Our versatility in addressing difficult situations is what makes us so useful in the real-world application of advanced resurfacing methods!

Why Work With Us?

We offer many different refinishing services that can cater to the overarching layout of any location. If you need your entire bathroom resurfaced then this is not a problem for us. For other contractors, tubs can be especially difficult to contend with in some circumstances, but we make it look easy because of our experienced professionals who have carried out countless flawless jobs prior to yours.

We don’t operate on the whim or as an accessory to another service. Our focus is honed in on the right elements for resurfacing tiles, countertops, and worn-down tubs which can pose a danger to your health and safety. Work with us for greater flexibility, continuity, and efficiency across multiple jobs you may need to be conducted over time.

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Get Started Today

Now that you are aware of our vastly superior resurfacing services at JLF Reglazing, there is just one more step before you can save money and get a brand new-looking bathroom! Just pick up the phone and consult with us about the job that needs to be done and we can complete it quickly and effectively.

We take pride in our commitment to serving you in an expedient manner with remarkable efficiency that will leave a lasting impression on your home and mind. Contact us today and we will inform you of our options and affordable price ranges that will be a worthy investment for the long term!

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